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March 11, 2021

Powerful Bidding Techniques: Go Weekly

Want to increase your performance in GovCon, and actually hear back this time when submitting a proposal? Go weekly.

Here are some trial-tested statements related to the week:

  1. Proposals should be thought of as a weekly endeavor, regardless of the deadline.
  2. The week allows for 2-3 touch points.
  3. If pricing for the local market takes 8+ days to obtain or solidify, it’s not a viable market to bid your services. You should already have a benchmark ready to go, plus or minus a few details. 
  4. We understand that Go decisions are somewhat dependent on other people, obtaining the right data points, and so forth. Even so, you should be able to provide a “Keep it going” or “Explore this further” to your capture team within a week of learning about the opportunity.
  5. Anyone that says the week is way too short of a timeframe in the GovCon world, or constantly minimizes the motivation factor of the Monday-to-Friday goalposts is trying to maximize their billable hours.
  6. Metrics should be calibrated to how many opportunities your team found this week compared to last week, and how much (in estimated dollar value amounts) you’ve decided to bid on versus not bid on this week compared to last week.
  7. A formidable number of contracts wins per week would be in the 1-3 range. This takes significant investment, time, lessons learned, advanced capture techniques (like backwards-facing pipelines), and an organizational dimension on par with your larger competitors.

A week is still within memory, notwithstanding the memories we all have during COVID. The fruits of one’s labor for the week are still somewhat fresh. This helps keep QA under control; none of this forgetting to make changes, provide updates, etc. If something is forgotten it becomes immediately obvious. It has a predictable terminus… you know when the ending comes and can reasonably plan for the week ahead. This is the fertile ground needed for GovCon.

Give weekly timeframes a chance! Get in touch via our Contact page or complete our questionnaire for weekly everything-RFP-related outsourcing.

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